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  • Keywords
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    • Geology,
    • Mining,
    • Latin America,
    • Family,
    • Vancouver,
    • Idioms

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Joy & Sorrow
Sorrow & Joy-Musings on Mining, Family, Latin America and Society
by Peter Sean Daly and Leandra Iraheta

Most of these poems are from the direct experience of the author, be it working at a mine or in mineral exploration, mostly in Canada but also in Latin America, or with my family and including both sorrow and joy with the short life of my son, or philosophizing about life, or talking about people’s heroes like David Thompson, the great Canadian surveyor and explorer and friend of the First Nations, or Simon Bolivar, the great liberator of South America who took on a whole empire with complete faith in his fellow latinos and their ability to defeat the Spanish Empire. Also, there is the joy of spending winter time in Mexico with its warmth and gorgeous flowers and luxurious vegetation.

Peter Sean Daly, the author of this book and the previous From the Erzgebirge to Potosi was born in Vancouver BC but brought up in Pender Harbour. From that upbringing he learned to correlate ie the ability to relate seemingly disparate events. This ability is very important in geology. He obtained his BSc in geology and much later an MEng or Master of Mining Engineering both at the University of BC. He has over 40 years experience in his field and says he got his ‘PhD’ from the university of Highland Valley Copper Mine where it was said to “take 20 years to get 20 years experience”. He lives with his wife now in both El Salvador and Vancouver, Canada and they have a deceased son and a daughter with two great grandchildren, both very warm and intelligent. He has always loved writing and used to write poems in highschool and then when he travelled for eight months in much of Latin America after university graduation he wrote many letters back home about his vivid experiences there. Also he inherited his Dad’s love of writing and also politics and environmental protection. This collection of poems is aimed at especially those engaged in mining and mineral exploration including miners, secretaries, geologists, geotechnical engineers, mining engineers and prospectors and also those who have had a relative with a mental or developmental disability. The sayings come from the wisdom of these same people and including a very wise Salvadoran grandmother who sum up their understanding of the world like “no hay mal que bien no venga” or “there is no bad thing that something good does not come of it”. These sayings often make life easier to deal with by pointing out how the outcome of life’s experiences may not be that bad.


Peter Sean Daly
Leandra Iraheta

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