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Naughty pup, Dealing with pets, Mischievous pup, Battle of wills, Bad dog, Struggles with pets, Story for pet lovers

Bear Don't You Dare!
And Chloe
by Sarah MacPhail

“Bear don’t you Dare!” is a combination of two short stories about two fur babies. The first is about a little dog named Bear that gets himself into trouble in a lovable kind of way. The other story is about a bunny named Chloe who also finds ways to cause trouble for her owner. These short stories were written with children around the age of 7-8 years old in mind. This book is meant to be a fun read for both children and their care-givers to share together. The stories are cute and silly with endearing qualities meant for the reader’s enjoyment. This book uses a wide array of words and rhymes that will be helpful for vocabulary building and spelling.

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I am a Masters Social Worker from Nova Scotia working in the Mental Health field. Due to the nature of my work I tend to surround my private life with little grains of positivity. My fur family helps me mellow and remember to play. I was inspired to write this book one morning when Bear was out to have a pee, my spouse caught him being naughty and called out “Bear don’t you dare!” Mr. Bear is also getting older and I wanted to encapsulate some of his characteristics that I love so much about him. This book is part of a future series that I wish to write about my Bearventures with my little pooch and other fur Babies. More characters will be introduced as the series unfolds.


Sarah MacPhail

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