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Cats, Courage, Overcoming obstacles, Adventure, Friends, Exploring, Trying something new

Orange Cat Grey Cat
Purrfect Opposites
by L.J. Harwood

Orange Cat and Grey Cat are purrfect opposites! Orange Cat is fearless—he loves the outdoors—but Grey Cat prefers to be snuggled up and warm, inside the house.

One day, when a gust of wind blows the screen door open, startling Grey Cat awake, she scurries to escape the sound only to find herself now locked outside! She meows and meows to get back inside, but Orange Cat has a better idea: he wants the two of them to play outside together! She is fearful at first, but with some encouragement and guidance from Orange Cat, Grey Cat learns to face her fears and even to enjoy new experiences.

Join Orange Cat and Grey Cat as they discover that life is scary sometimes, but with a little bit of courage and support from someone we love, we are capable of mighty things!

L.J. Harwood photo

L.J. Harwood has spent her life working as a clinical counsellor, which has allowed her the privilege of witnessing the human spirit and power of perseverance. She has lived her life under the wide-open prairie sky, a stone’s throw away from the Rocky Mountains. These two elements greatly fuel the backdrop of Harwood’s stories and characters. Her inspiration, however, comes from her daughter. While her daughter is grown up now, Harwood reminisces on the joys of bedtime rituals and stories on the couch—memories she hopes to help others create with Orange Cat, Grey Cat. In her first publication, Harwood offers more than a sweet story, but also a gentle reminder for readers of all ages that we can and must un-stick ourselves whenever we find ourselves stuck.

Harwood lives in Airdrie, Alberta. When she’s not exploring her natural surroundings, Harwood can be found working on a crossword puzzle or reading a good book and sipping an Earl Grey tea.


L.J. Harwood

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