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Who Cares?!
Embracing the dire need for authentic love in a world that doesn't seem to care, or know how to love.
by William Hart

The hyphen between the date you were born, and the day you die, represents the length and breadth of your life. We are all assigned a certain number of days upon this planet. What will you do with those days? What will you give in exchange for this day? We all leave footprints of our presence and influence. At the end of it all will anyone really know or care that you have passed through this life? All of us have been created for relationships. We need each other in some way or other. We need to be loved, and to be able to extend love. That is what this book is about. Real people traverse the pages you are about to unfold. They have made choices every day, to either coast through life, leaving a lot of relational rubbish behind, or make a positive difference to another person. There is a price for loving another. Within these pages you will discover that price. The walking wounded crowd our world today. Those who have experienced the early shortfalls of toxic parenting. Those who have discovered they must always be wary and defensive in the face of a perceived and hostile world. Those who are ill-equipped to meet the demands of living in an impersonal world. Love is a choice. We each have within ourselves the longing to be loved and cared about by at least one other person. Love is reciprocal. When we give love, we mostly receive love. Love is not manipulative or deceitful. The pure essence of unconditional love penetrates to the depth of our very souls. It's not about perfect people, for it is the wounded, abused and damaged who rise above the legacy they have been handed to embrace another human being. The author has experienced love in the fullest, even in the midst of loss, travail and tragedy. Loving another is risky, not for the faint of heart. Unless we extend that love, and embrace it's benefits, we mangle that hyphen between the beginning and the end. Your life will be made richer and enlightened by the authors revealing experiences of those who have reaped the rewards of caring for another human being. It is written for two categories of people, those who are loved , and those who longingly desire to be loved.

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William Hart has devoted 35 years of his life to the social work profession, with a focus on child protection, court advocacy, family counselling, and adoption. He has previously authored three books, one of which is his autobiography detailing much of the challenges, and rewards of the social work profession. Hart is a former broadcaster and pastor. Currently he provides pastoral counselling services to affiliated church organizations. William expresses how joy is brought into his life through his relationship with God, his wife Elizabeth, his children and grandchildren and his close and dear friends. William and Elizabeth live in Dauphin, Manitoba.


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