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  • Truth.Fiction.Lies

    Confessions of an Italian-Irish-Catholic-American Immigrant to Canada by

    How could he be a good boy and a bad boy at the same time? The TRUTH is what is. FICTION is not reality—but it can help us to see the TRUTH through stories, e.g., The Boy Who Cried Wolf. LIES deceive, for evil purposes, and for good purposes. But ...

  • A Letter to My Father

    What Your Son Wants to Tell You But Doesn't by

    Many books have been written about the father-son relationship. Most of the readers are well-meaning fathers looking for helpful advice on how to build a relationship with their sons and impact them in a real, meaningful way from older wise men, who ...

  • The Huckabirds Learn about Self-Worth


    The foundation of a child’s sense of self worth is built during the early years of life. As parents and caretakers, our investments in this early developing sense of worth will be potentially the most enduring gift we may give to a child – or, ...

  • My Child Would Never Do That!

    A Guide for Student Success by

    My Child Would Never Do That! are famous last words uttered by parents in every school and every school district across the country when they are surprised about something they believe their child would never do. In my experiences students of all ...

  • Don't Clone a Snowflake


    One day I had a special delivery from heaven. I became the mother of a baby boy with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Joey just happened to have Down Syndrome, a heart defect and health issues. This story is a recap of only fifteen months with my ...

  • Remarriage in Modern Times

    The answer book for tough questions about divorce and remarriage by

    Tough questions about divorce and remarriage have plagued the church for the last 75 years, questions that only seem to deepen with time. Can a divorced new convert ever remarry to have a Christian family? Must a Christian wife stay married to a ...

  • Denine

    One mother's journey with a profoundly handicapped child by

    Heart-wrenchingly honest and deeply insightful, Denine tells the story of a young mother’s journey of faith with her first-born child, born profoundly handicapped. From the initial discovery of Denine’s condition and her family’s reaction to it, to ...

  • Beyond the Mountain Top


    Sasha views her marriage to Marc, her college boyfriend, as the consummation of a tested, yet blissful, romantic relationship. The sweethearts seem to have everything going for them—privileged backgrounds, current professional success, and a bright ...

  • Blooming in Full Color


    Meaghan, a strong independent woman works for the Enlighten Weight Loss Company as their spokesperson promoting the program as she travels across Canada and enjoying strengthening relationships with those around her. Will her ex-husband Marty ...