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  • Remarriage in Modern Times

    The answer book for tough questions about divorce and remarriage by

    Tough questions about divorce and remarriage have plagued the church for the last 75 years, questions that only seem to deepen with time. Can a divorced new convert ever remarry to have a Christian family? Must a Christian wife stay married to a ...

  • The Girl from No. 6

    Based on a True Story by

    In the late 1920s, Stalin was determined to turn Russia into a “Soviet Paradise”. For thousands of Russian Mennonites that meant exorbitant taxes, arrest, forced labour, losing their farms and businesses, and even losing their lives. With their ...

  • Preparing For And Fostering Harmony in Marriage


    Preparing for and Fostering Harmony in Marriage is not just a book about how to help couples eliminate the risk of divorce. Rather, it is a guide for those who desire to have a healthy, harmonious and godly marriage based on biblical principles. As ...

  • SAFE: the devil you know!


    My exciting transition home from a life of serving in overseas missions was a dream come true. I met and married my “miracle” man. After an exquisite honeymoon in our beloved South Africa, soon after our return to Canada, he transformed into my ...

  • Comfort

    Harmonious Relativity Volume II by

    Today more than ever before in human history, the dependency for comfort along with the indispensable necessity of moral, emotional and spiritual encouragement is in conflict with the iniquitous disposition of this present day society. The spirit of ...

  • Pay it Forward

    A Mom's Journey through Healing and Recovery by

    Anna Clado has endured a lot of blackness in her life. This Vancouver-based single mom was abused by a family member, betrayed by a husband, and devastated by the mental tyranny of a string of bad decisions. But she’s not complaining. Indeed, Clado ...

  • The Essentials Of An Honourable Marriage


    In any relationship, there are two wills, two sets of desires, and two egos, as well as a united relationship that must be nurtured. In a marriage, this is especially complex. In The Essentials of an Honourable Marriage, Rev. Dawn Nation-Wilson ...

  • Love Rehab


    In LOVE Rehab, S. Miriam Clifford pioneers a revolutionary approach to love, sex and God, drawing from Ancient Wisdom. Using her experiences coaching individuals and couples, the author breaks down sexual taboos openly, discusses the meanings of ...