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IVF, Children of IVF, Alternative conception, Where do babies come from, Struggling to conceive, Struggle to have a child, IVF story

Auston the Magical Egg
by Stephanie Macri and Vince Macri

When a little boy named Auston notices a bird’s nest in his backyard, with a mommy bird and her three little eggs, he is very excited. He watches them for days until the eggs hatch and become little baby birds! It’s truly amazing, but he has so many questions! He starts to wonder where he came from. He even wonders if he started out his life as a tiny egg, just like the adorable little birds.

He has no idea that his mommy has an amazing story to tell him, about eggs, babies, and doctors who help Mommies and Daddies create them when they can't manage on their own. He learns that his parents needed that kind of help too, and that they needed to work really hard just to have him, after years of trying.

Hearing her story, Auston learns how very special he is, and just how loved and wanted he has always been.

Vince and Stephanie Macri have written a story very close to their heart. The couple went through years of hardship trying to conceive a child, facing many unsuccessful years of infertility and heartache. They feel extremely blessed to have their miracle baby, Mason, who was conceived via in vitro fertilization. Once Mason was old enough to start asking questions, it started their thinking about how common their journey was, and how few resources there are to help parents figure out how, or even if, to share that journey with their kids.

“Many couples experience difficulties with trying to conceive and are affected by infertility. Not every pregnancy journey is quick and easy. As a couple, you may spend years filled with stress and heartache, trying to conceive before welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world. Alternate forms of conception have become increasingly more common and make it tricky for parents to explain to their children how they came into this world.”

They decided to write a story―using simple, light-hearted language and imagery appropriate for young children―that sticks as close to the truth as possible, rather than falling back on storks or other conception myths. They hope it helps families, like their own, communicate about a tricky subject, and help children like Mason understand not only how common this journey has become, but more importantly, how special they are.

Vince and Stephanie currently live in King City, Ontario, with their miracle son, Mason.


Stephanie Macri
Vince Macri
Nicholas Mueller

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