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Female poet, Nature, Growth, Environmentalism, Hope and healing, Observation

Arc of Light and Shadow
Poems with Art
by Liz Kornelsen

Arc of Light and Shadow invites you on a journey into the natural world. It draws you into the liminal spaces that open the heart to explore its forgotten corners, to beckon the light, illuminating new pathways and vistas. Words and images converge to evoke a sense of wonder, joy and hope, even through shadows of loss and pain.

"Transparent yet mysterious, this collection of poems illuminates our seemingly unimportant everyday encounters with nature, revealing a significance that we might have otherwise missed. The book begins with an invitation to dance and ends with a confirmation that we’re all in this together (but far more eloquently stated by Kornelsen). And in between the first and last poems are verses reflecting the twists and turns of a person’s journey through life. We are reminded – by the poet’s beautiful words and subtle cadence - that nature and humankind are symbiotic. Something about each one of these poems resonates with me. It is the best contemporary poetry collection I have read in recent years and one I will keep returning to for inspiration."

–Freelance Writer Heather Brown

"Come dance, walk along a forest path, slide through a cave on your belly, and take a plunge down a waterfall as you join Liz Kornelsen in the Arc of Light and Shadow. In this unique collection, she brilliantly combines gifts of creativity in poetic writing and artistic expression. Immerse yourself in images of nature and enter into a deep, soulful experience. Savour the rich emotion and sheer beauty encompassed within Liz's arc of light and shadow."

—Elaine Hansen, Writing from Within, Echoes Within

"Liz Kornelsen’s poems are buoyant; they shiver and hum. Braving turbulent rapids and the turmoil of heartbreak, Arc of Light and Shadow is a call to dance and a safe place to land."

—Angeline Schellenberg, Tell Them It Was Mozart, Fields of Light and Stone

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LIZ KORNELSEN calls Winnipeg, Manitoba home. As far back as she can remember she was drawn to the outdoors, planting flowers, watching birds in the garden and admiring the sunset behind the poplars on the western edge of the farm where she grew up. As an adult, she began to pursue adventure in the wilderness by way of canoeing, backpacking, climbing, spelunking, hiking and skiing. Liz continues to experience nature as a gateway to both exhilaration and solace.


Liz Kornelsen

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