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Blind, Physiotherapy, Toronto, Guide Dog, Living with disability, Mother, Overcoming challenges

Love is Blind
by Ruth E. Vallis

Excited and full of the confidence of youth, totally blind Ruth arrived in London, England, to study Physiotherapy. She spoke the same language, was domestically independent, and had good mobility skills: how hard could this be?

As it turns out, far more difficult than she could have ever imagined, but Ruth was determined to succeed. People who are blind face many challenges, but perhaps the biggest obstacle is the low expectations of others. You can let those who don’t understand you define who you are, or you can ignore them and follow your dreams—as Ruth did.

“Love is Blind” is the memoir of Ruth Vallis. Blind before the age of 3, Ruth was the youngest pioneer of integration in the public school system in Canada, blazing a trail for many to follow. At every stage of her extraordinary life, Ruth defied the low expectations of others, and took on such challenges as biking from Ottawa to Toronto, completing a Master’s of Science degree online before technology accessibility was legislated, and more. Through it all there was her tender, tough-loving mother, Peach, offering encouragement, support and humour to overcome enormous challenges.

Discover the power of women working together for good. See how obstacles can become stepping stones. Laugh, cry and be inspired!

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Ruth Vallis lives in Toronto with her guide dog, Darwin. This is her first book. Written after a thirty-two year career in Physiotherapy, mainly at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Entertaining her patients with humorous or touching anecdotes to distract them from their pain or discomfort. Further to this end, she would not allow “organ recitals.” That is what she called it when patients tried to one up each other with lists of their kidney, liver or heart ailments.

This book is dedicated to the memory of my Mother, Blanche (Peach) Vallis, 1923-2011. Gone but never forgotten!!!


Ruth E. Vallis
Jane Warren
Madeleine Léger

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