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Elephants in the House
by Ailsa Hebert

What happens when a couple children let a herd of elephants into the house, thinking there are only two, but it turns out to be a herd of them? The elephants wreak havoc while the children try to get them to leave before their mother finds out. This is a book created in the ‘Dr Seuss style’, lilting and rhyming, that both children and parents love so much. The rhyming and the action capture the imagination and makes it fun to read along or to just listen to. “Elephants In The House”…..let them in to play and watch the fun! Children are very capable of using their imaginations to ‘fill in the blanks’ thereby creating their own reality and this book offers them that.

Ailsa has always loved reading and telling stories to children, especially when it is humorous and makes them laugh. She has written several books in the same format and is looking forward to publishing all of them. She also believes that a book should capture the child's imagination through pictures and words that allow the child to stretch their imaginations with unlikely scenarios while they are learning to read and rhyme.


Ailsa Hebert
Natalia Starikova

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