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Community, Free verse poetry, Race relations, Black Canadian, Modern life, Religion, Belonging

Now, My Perspective
by Hannah Zuta

Now, My Perspective is a book of poems about the Black experience, femininity, religion, belonging, and self-realization.

The book is divided into three chapters, each of which documents a different phase of understanding about what it means to be a Black woman. It begins with the confusion one feels due to societal pressures, journeys into the anger that quickly bubbles upon the realization of how society treats Black women, and finally delves into ways to process that anger, landing in a place of introspection.

These poems educate readers on what it means to be a Black woman living in a society that accommodates neither being Black nor being a woman. Above all, Now, My Perspective proves once again that being Black is a label, not a monolith.

Hannah Zuta is a recent high school graduate, currently enrolled in university with a minor in creative writing. She enjoys writing short stories and poems about her experiences, specifically surrounding race and femininity.

Zuta was inspired to write Now, My Perspective after the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Being a first-generation Black child living in North America, she felt that the time was right to give voice to her story. Other black and POC young adults will relate to her feelings of clinging to her roots, and simultaneously uplifting Blackness while questioning its position in terms of societal change.


Hannah Zuta
Lorena Pantaleon Cabrera

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