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The Story Of Spaghetti Mountain And The Extra Spicy Meatball cover

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Target Audience:
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imagination, action and adventure, humour, spaghetti, meatballs, creativity, fantasy worlds

The Story Of Spaghetti Mountain And The Extra Spicy Meatball
by Mike James

Imagination, adventure, and a big ol’ dose of nonsense!

Noah and his trusty sidekick, Rufus, are off on another adventure. Join them on Spaghetti Mountain as they battle a stinky clove of garlic, survive the treacherous Swamp Bolognese, and have an epic showdown with Noah's nemesis, The Extra Spicy Meatball and his fiery breath of fury.

"This silly story will appeal to those looking to dig into a humorous, exciting tale. Noah’s quick thinking and clever ideas will keep readers engaged. The spaghetti, sauce, and food-related names and imagery (basil brush, herb paddle, etc.) are wacky and fun. Rodrigues’ cartoon illustrations nicely supplement the story. They show Noah’s escapades as he endures the elements, like crossing the crumbling bridge, using spaghetti as rope, fighting off the meatballs, and more.

A goofy, plot-driven saga with kid-friendly characters and scenarios."

- Kirkus Reviews


Mike James
Daniel Rodrigues

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