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Traffic safety, Rules of the road, Story in rhyme, Rabbits, Animals as people, Moral, Road safety

Hop, Stop or Go!
by Venita Ramanna

Little Bunny causes chaos on the road as she hoppity-hops to school with her brothers and sisters. Then, along comes kind Officer Beals to sort things out and keep everyone safe. The charming "jay-hopping" bunny learns an important lesson about road safety.

This delightful rhyming story helps kids understand the importance of looking both ways, crossing at a crosswalk, and always following the rules of the road.

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South African born Dr. Venita Ramanna is a family physician. She currently lives and works in Calgary. She has loved reading and writing, especially poetry, since childhood. She has two daughters who were the inspiration for this poem, which was written several years ago. They were the first to suggest that this be published. This is Ramanna's first book.


Venita Ramanna

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