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Dealing With My Feelings
An Essential Guide to a Child's Well Being & Prosperity
by Amen Kaur

Naming a feeling takes away the fear of it. If we know what the feeling is, we can understand how to deal with it. Emotions are part of the human experience. They have an influence on how we interact with others, but we are not always taught how to handle them appropriately. We can be quick to react based on what we feel in that moment, instead of letting the emotion pass through the body and responding once we feel calm. This diverse interactive workbook helps children (and their parents!) identify and process a wide range of feelings by using charts, “choose your own emotion” lists, and fill-in-the-blank exercises. As readers work through each interactive page, they will feel empowered, educated, and encouraged to identify and overcome even the most puzzling emotions. Learning to deal with our emotions can help us with conflict resolution and to better handle daily stress—no matter your age.

“Such a toolbox for mindfulness strategies that children and adults can use.”- Anneline Webb, Mother and Teacher “This charming book is an inclusive guide for all different and unique types of children. It’s enjoyable and helps little young ones recognize and name their feelings mindfully. It also provides wonderful ideas for kids to deal and process their feelings. It’s inspiring in so many positive ways. This is what should be taught to kids in school!” – J. Nguyen, Mom and Teacher “I feel happy about myself because I know more things I can do to help myself. The pictures help me think what I am feeling. When I get angry, I can do art of happiness. Art happiness is when you can draw what your sadness looks like. The meditations are my favourite part of the book. It tells me step by step how to do the meditations. Cocoa meditation is my favourite cause it can help me calm down. I thought the balloon meditation was good because it makes me feel better and it lets me take my stress out. The grounding meditation makes me feel better when I am sad because I know that I am loved.” – Jindh, Age 7

Amen Kaur has a BA in psychology and is a certified mindfulness facilitator, born and raised in Canada. She practices mindfulness in her daily life through meditation and creative outlets like writing, designing interiors, or arranging flowers with her son. Amen Kaur is also the author of Raise Me with Empathy, another book designed to help kids and their parents relate to one another in healthier, more empathetic ways. She is passionate about mindful parenting and runs an Instagram blog page devoted to it.  You can connect with her through her website: where you will also find more information on her blog and books.


Amen Kaur
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