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Frogs, Conspiracies, Cyborgs, Kids solving mysteries, Kid detective, Humorous middle grade, Mad scientists

The Frog Chronicles
A Treehouse Adventure
by MJ Franklin

A red-eyed frog from Mike’s nightmares torments him from outside his window. He’s not sure if it’s real or if the stress of his dad’s disappearance is messing with his head. With his best friends Pete and Jane, Mike traps and examines the frog (that may or may not be robotic—or possibly an alien) and is astounded to find that the frog carries a recorded message: “Help us.”

As they investigate the frog, Mike, Pete, and Jane uncover the story of a disgraced mad scientist. While an army of frogs wreaks havoc on their town, the trio embarks on a wild adventure to discover the truth behind the frogs and, just maybe, find Mike’s missing father.

MJ Franklin is an avid storyteller and adventurer. When his ten-year-old son asked him about the noisy frogs in the fields outside, he came up with a story about evil frogs. The Frog Chronicles, inspired by this bedtime story, is his debut novel. MJ lives in Calgary, Alberta with his son, Joey and his old dog Ceilidh.


MJ Franklin

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