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Canadian Poet, Christian Commentary, The Art of Writing, Faith-based Poetry, Apocalyptic Writing, Modernist Poetry, Poetic Craft

Mud for the Eyes
by David Antilla

David Antilla gifts us with this clump of poems that at once moves us to wonder and dares us to think. At times his poems smith with the immediacy of psalm-like candour, and at times with the urgency of apocalyptic truth. But always his images surprise us by a carpentry of chiselled originality and raw courage.

"His use of language is deft and playful, often enabling surprising revelations about poets, pilgrims, and even spiders.

One of the poems in this impressive collection invites the reader to “come join me/I have an extra chair…” Do join David Antilla in his extra chair. He knows about God, and he knows about spuds. You won’t be disappointed."

—Judith Pond, poet, novelist

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Mustached, graying, laughing…tenting, stargazing, wayfaring...measuring, sawing, gluing…questing, bandaging, befriending…interpreting, foreshadowing, contending…hearkening, kneeling, transcribing. David Antilla’s sojourn with the writing of poetry spans more than four dedicated decades. Although he cites a varied poetic influence that includes Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot, Geoffrey Hill, Luci Shaw, and Raymond Carver, he credits his lived impressions with nature, an eschatological mindset, and an unabashed Christian ethos as his three significant muses. Stylistically, his lines tell of an affinity with the new-formalist poetic. His HBA and MA carries an emphasis in American Literature, and currently he teaches post-secondary English. David Antilla tarries in both Calgary, and Thunder Bay, Canada.


David Antilla
Judith Pond

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