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Rescue dog, Alaska, Friendship, Wildlife, Dangerous adventure, Bravery, Best friend

The Adventures of Olive And Her Big Heart
The Fire
by Debbie Wolfe

Step into Olive's heartwarming adventures. Olive is a brave and compassionate Alaskan doggie. She has a very big heart!!

Few things in life compare to the bond between a pet and their human. This story is what happens when those two lonely halves unite. Hearts grow bigger and bigger! An inseparable bond that spreads to others. This story "ignited" with a real-life fire in the Kenai region of Alaska. Humans and animals were in danger and wolf pups really were rescued. Spinning off true-life events begins the heart and heroism of an Alaskan malamute named Olive. Her lonely heart as a puppy filled and grew when she met her human best friend. The love they share becomes far-reaching. Olive's compassion and bravery become the lifeline to the rescued wolf pups as well as to a momma bear and her cub. Her gentle soul had the ability to communicate to all and help save those in need from the fire. Olive's big adventures include Mr. Eagle, Mrs. Moose, The Beavers, Firefighters, and even helicopters. Each having their part in this heroic tale.

This story shows how a relationship of unconditional love and gratitude between hearts can grow to help others.

Debbie Wolfe photo

Debbie Wolfe is an artist, Reiki Master, and has traveled much of this world alone. Now she belongs to a tribe that loves her dog more than anything. Olive truly is the love of her life and best friend. Olive puts love in her heart and a huge smile on her face each day. They share, like many, a very strong kindred relationship with each other. "The Wolfe Pack."

Olive and Deb spend much of their time camping and hiking in Alaska. The rest is mainly spent touring around the states looking for trails, lakes, beaches, rivers, friends, and, of course, SNOW! As Debbie puts it, "Olive is the sweetest thing under the sun, the moon, the stars, and the universe." Olive gets a ton of attention and truly does warm the hearts of many.


Debbie Wolfe

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