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Windy Rafters, Ranch, Mystery, Blackfoot, First Nations, Time travel, Family

Windy Rafters Roughnecks
Cattle Thieves
by Ronalee Bennett Orr


The Roughnecks are back at Windy Rafters Resort, full of plans for a great summer. It isn’t long, however, before crime casts a shadow over the resort again. Cattle thieves are taking animals from all around the neighborhood and some of the evidence even points to Windy Rafters’ owner, Marty Ferris, as the thief. With nothing but confusing clues that don’t add up, how will the Roughnecks ever be able to clear Papa’s name? As the truth comes to light, the Roughnecks are suddenly transported back in time to 1910 when their family first homesteaded the Windy Rafters land. Mistaken for a family of cousins from Idaho, and using what they’ve learned in their own time, can the Roughnecks help their ancestors catch another band of cattle thieves?

Ronalee Bennett Orr lives at the real Windy Rafters farm in southern Alberta with her husband, Monty. A retired teacher and school administrator, Ronalee has enjoyed many years working with students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Like Grandma Rachel in the Windy Rafters books, she enjoys hosting events, cooking for crowds, working in the garden, and spending time with her large family. Two daughters and their families also live on the farm. With eight grandchildren, as well as a variety of cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, and goats, there is never a dull moment!


Ronalee Bennett Orr

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