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  • The Drone at the Diamond Valley Chop Shop


    When Jacob Wheeler arrives on a relative’s goat farm in southern Alberta, he bemoans the thought of spending his summer vacation stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do except avoid Granny’s temper and his cousin Millie’s sarcasm. But ...

  • Happy Jack at the Farm


    Young Jack gets to spend the summer with his Aunt Marcy and Uncle Steve at their farm on the Snake River in Idaho. Each morning, Jack works hard, and he plays hard in the afternoons. He eats many wonderful and delicious fruits and vegetables, and is ...

  • The Garden Crew Go to the Farmers' Market


    The Garden Crew are back! And their 'pop pop' friend Corny is in trouble. Oh no! How far would you go to save a friend? Would you face getting squashed, or falling off the rafters, or digging through a barrel full of spiders and fleas? The Garden ...

  • Toga the Goat


    Meet Toga, a tin goat who lives on a pygmy goat farm. What happens when Toga decides to go exploring one day? Plenty! Readers of all ages will delight in Toga's adventures - from riding in a wheelbarrow and climbing mountains of hay to visiting the ...

  • A Hug for Harriet


    Have you ever felt like you needed a hug? Everyone does at one time or another. And so does Harriet! Harriet is the youngest and smallest miniature donkey in a large herd. Miniature donkeys are mild-mannered and curious animals who love to be ...

  • Too Hot to Moo


    Gracie the cow lives in a hot and steamy field. One particular day, when the heat has all but overwhelmed her, she notices activity close to the farmhouse beside her field. She slowly creeps closer to the fence to see what all the noise is about — ...

  • Goose On A Roof


    Henry is a small, shy, quiet goose with no self-esteem. His geese friends, especially Ronald teased and bullied him. Henry's only wish is to be as fast, strong and fly high like the other geese. One day, Henry decided he was determined to fly up to ...

  • A Year on the Family Farm

    And the Life Lessons Learned by

    “Grammy, tell me another story about when you were a kid,” asked author Mary Kay Schippers’ grandchild, Aleah. It wasn’t the first time. In fact, Mary Kay heard the request so many times, she decided to write down her most cherished childhood ...