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Discounting good versus evil, Randomness of morality, Order and alternatives, History of civilization, Emergence, Divergence, Convergence

Incomplete Ignorance at Play
Poetic Musings on the Origin and Destiny of Human Life by Scott W. Gustafson

In verse, rhyme and original art, Incomplete Ignorance at Play demonstrates the author’s incomplete ignorance of the many subjects this poem addresses. It is divided into three books - Emergence, Divergence and Convergence – where topics from the Big Bang to Hiroshima are “playfully” written in verse and rhyme to inspire the imagination of the reader. Original art is employed so participants can juxtapose the art with the verse and perhaps be inspired to think thoughts and dream dreams far beyond any the author and artist might imagine. The poem is best read out loud and slowly. Take your time! Sometimes it is funny, but sometimes the topics are a bit too serious to be amusing.

About the author. Scott W. Gustafson is an author, teacher and pastor who, after many years of study, believes that his ignorance is less complete in the fields of economics, philosophy, biblical wisdom, anthropology and history than it is in other disciplines like poetry. Nonetheless, one day he decided to play around with rhyme and verse using what he thought he knew as a topic. This poem is a consequence.

About the illustrator. Paula Gustafson is a landscape painter who lives and paints in Grand Marais, Minnesota.


Scott W. Gustafson
Paula L. Gustafson

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