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Tooth fairy, Losing your teeth, Losing your job, Fairies, Responsibility, Doing your job, Magic.

Three Tooth Fairies Flutter, Flax, and Sam
The Day Sam Gets Fired!
by Lillie Sandstrom

Three Tooth Fairies Flutter Flax and Sam The Day Sam Gets Fired is a book about tooth fairies. Most tooth fairies are Very Good. They pay attention to their assigned families and replace the teeth kids put under their pillows with prizes on the same day. Sam, however, is...Sort of Good. She checks on her family but is often distracted by doing the things she wants to do before the things she needs to do. Most of the time the kids are understanding and forgiving, but after a lot of teeth left under pillows, Sam has to deal with the consequences of her choices and decide whether or not to be a Very Good Tooth Fairy.

Lillie Sandstrom, author, grew up in a small town in Idaho. She moved to Utah to finish her bachelor's degree in Computer Science. She is a former Department of Defense employee (though she will neither confirm nor deny this), piano teacher, wife, and mother of five. She draws inspiration for her stories from her own life raising her kids (the story of Sam may or may not be inspired by true events!). She lives in Southern California with her husband, the Illustrator, their dog, Smudge, and their youngest son (Eric, 16). She enjoys cooking, baking, walks along the beach, and a good book!

Stan Sandstrom, illustrator, was a multi-hyphenate long before it was cool. He's a hardworking multi-talented husband and father with a penchant for the arts. As an artist/web and graphic designer/IT professional/architect/interior designer, he is self-taught and inspired by the mechanics of the world around him.


Lillie Sandstrom
Stan Sandstrom

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