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  • Kikitu and the Secrets of Waruk's Lair


    Eleven-year-old Yuka and her loyal lead sled dog Kikitu are always up for a challenge! But challenges don’t seem to stop coming when they set out on a journey to enter one of the biggest sled dog races of the North. Even before they reach the race, ...

  • Alex's Adventure

    On the Westcoast of Canada by

    Can you imagine exploring the West Coast of Canada firsthand? You can, in the company of Alex, the young explorer who wants to take you on many fascinating adventures! Join Alex on her first adventure, which includes a surprising encounter with an ...

  • Scarletina's Quest for Fairy Wings

    The Moon Circle by

    The Moon Circle is the second book in the Scarletina’s Quest for Fairy Wings trilogy. Children will want to read this book, and parents will need to share it; age doesn't matter as her story reaches everyone. Both will love reading about ...

  • Squire With Fire

    A Happy Dragon Tale by

    Here is a delightful Medieval adventure, a story lovingly told within a story. In a dynamic unfolding, Grandpa delights seven-year-old Mac with tales about the brave squires and knights who populated their family history, including the famous knight ...

  • Cat Between Two Worlds


    Price Evans doesn’t know that his family’s new property connects to Tolk—a land where the animals talk, and where humans are almost mythical beings to the fairies, giants, dwarfs, and other creatures who live there. His neighbor’s wily cat, Sinbad, ...

  • Church Castle Corgis

    Book One - The Tales From Church Castle Corgis by

    Holly Brown thought that moving from New York to a small farm would be enough adventure. But when Holly purchased the farm, she got much more than she bargained for, including an array of farm animals and two magical corgis. After moving in to her ...

  • Legend of the Loons Necklace


    If you’ve ever heard it, you know that Loons have a very distinctive call like no other bird. Their calls echo over many hundreds of Canada’s lakes in spring, summer and fall. But, if you’ve ever seen a loon, you’ll know that they also have very ...

  • Who is the Real Santa?


    An honest answer to the question, Who is Santa? A fairy tale for your kids on how the tradition began and what the "Spirit of Christmas" is all about. When you give, you get! A tale of how one man's act of kindness was rewarded and how that gift was ...

  • Furry Tails


    A tiny forest fairy discovers the five children napping beside Flat Rock Brook. This fairy casts a glittering cloud of magical dust, transforming the waking, sleepy heads to become tiny people the identical size as the fairy. The children ...