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  • Dr. Dreams

    The Same Scary Dream "Cool" by

    Dr. Dreams is on his way to a cupcake party when he comes across a young bear cub named Jojo and her family. Jojo is scared because she’s been having bad dreams. Dr. Dreams comforts her with some special insight into dreaming. He tells Jojo a ...

  • Three Tooth Fairies Flutter, Flax, and Sam

    The Day Sam Gets Fired! by

    Three Tooth Fairies Flutter Flax and Sam The Day Sam Gets Fired is a book about tooth fairies. Most tooth fairies are Very Good. They pay attention to their assigned families and replace the teeth kids put under their pillows with prizes on the same ...

  • Charlie and His Buddies

    Charlie Stays up Late by

    Charlie the Steam Train and his buddies are all hard-working Trains. A party is going to be set up because they are such hard workers. With all the excitement Charlie could not sleep but his buddies did. Charlie stayed up all night. The next morning ...

  • So You Want To Be A Cowboy


    Parents and children will delight in the joy of reading these stories together and singing along as they share values such as politeness, responsibility, and loyalty. So You Want to Be a Cowboy entertains the listener/reader and will spark ...

  • Where the Light Doesn't Go


    Darkness is always with us, just behind the brightness of day. It’s beyond the sun in the sky, beyond the overhead lights in our houses … beyond the night-lights that keep darkness at bay when all the other lights go out. Does that scare ...

  • Suzy The Snoozy Fairy


    Jamie has a hard time falling asleep after a fun and busy day. Meanwhile, a kind, sleepy fairy in Sparkleville is making a special potion to help children all around the world get a good night’s rest. Will her potion work on Jamie? Suzy the Snoozy ...

  • The Incredible Dreams

    Your Light Guides the Way by

    The importance of dreaming should never be underestimated. Dreams are the manifestations of our imaginations. They are our subconscious thoughts, and when fully believed, can become reality. Dreaming is the first and most essential element to ...

  • The Little Girl Who Stayed up Late


    Have you ever wondered what happens in your house at night while you are sleeping? Is it dark and quiet with nothing going on, or...... are there strange and funny things happening that can’t be explained? What if there were some very odd ...

  • Mr Grumbles

    Bedtime stories for young chidren by

    These are stories about how Ham evaded Mr. Grumbles sometimes and how they reconciled. Mr. Grumbles is a Park Keeper with a mission... ...he wants to catch any dogs not on a leash... ...Ham is a Labrador retreiver who thinks differently!

  • Nya Wants a Pet


    Nya is an only child who has an imagination beyond her little size. After realizing her desire to be a pet owner, she asks her parents permission to pick a family pet. However, through her quest to find the perfect pet, it seems Nya's expectations ...