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  • The Incredible Dreams

    Your Light Guides the Way by

    The importance of dreaming should never be underestimated. Dreams are the manifestations of our imaginations. They are our subconscious thoughts, and when fully believed, can become reality. Dreaming is the first and most essential element to ...

  • The Little Girl Who Stayed up Late


    Have you ever wondered what happens in your house at night while you are sleeping? Is it dark and quiet with nothing going on, or...... are there strange and funny things happening that can’t be explained? What if there were some very odd ...

  • Mr Grumbles

    Bedtime stories for young chidren by

    These are stories about how Ham evaded Mr. Grumbles sometimes and how they reconciled. Mr. Grumbles is a Park Keeper with a mission... ...he wants to catch any dogs not on a leash... ...Ham is a Labrador retreiver who thinks differently!

  • Nya Wants a Pet


    Nya is an only child who has an imagination beyond her little size. After realizing her desire to be a pet owner, she asks her parents permission to pick a family pet. However, through her quest to find the perfect pet, it seems Nya's expectations ...

  • I Am A Kitty


    Taryn Amelia is one creative little critter. When life gets boring, Taryn’s imagination gets going. Taryn turns everyday activities into furry adventures in purrrfect kitty style. In what creative way will Taryn Amelia express herself next? What ...

  • My Blanket


    It's the miracle of a child with their new exciting skill of reading that I love so much. And when they can find themselves in the story, it becomes even more profound. After reading My Blanket, my granddaughter Malia, was convinced that this story ...

  • Tamo Sleeps Anywhere


    Unlike most children his age, Tamo doesn’t mind going to sleep. He can sleep anytime and anywhere—in the strangest of places and the silliest of positions! From tree branches to grocery carts, Tamo never misses an opportunity to snooze. Children ...

  • Lullaby for Alana


    Alana has a problem. She can’t go to sleep! For several nights now, her mommy and daddy have tried to help. They’ve rubbed her back and sung her favorite songs…still, she hardly gets any sleep at all. But what Alana doesn’t know is that her guardian ...

  • Sweet Dreams Sleep Tight Big Kisses Goodnight


    Bedtime can often be stressful for children and parents alike. Trying to steal a few precious moments for a bedtime story can sometimes seem impossible. Written in verse, this beautiful short and sweet book tells of the magic that can happen after a ...

  • Gone Squirrelly


    It is time for Emilia, Gianpaolo, and Liliana to go to bed. But when Mommy and Daddy go upstairs to help them get ready, the children are nowhere to be found. Instead, three squirrels are jumping on the bed, swinging from the chandelier, and putting ...