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Nature, Animals, River, Forest, Exploring the environment, Childhood wonder, The natural world

Raven and the Forest
by Yuen Sun

Raven loves to play in the forest with her best friend, Bear. Every morning she says bye-bye to Mama and Papa and takes Bear’s hand as they set off into a new day.

Join them on an adventure as they explore the land beyond her backyard, from the grassy Meadow to the stream full of trout. Explore beautiful digital paintings of the happy pair foraging, frolicking, and dancing all over the Forest. Along the way they meet cute critters of all sizes, and find many new friends!

By day’s end they’ll have made memories that will last a lifetime. This is their land, and they can’t wait to share its bounty and beauty with you.

"A short, sweet ode to outdoor adventures."

- Kirkus Reviews

Yuen Sun photo

Raven is more than just a character in a book—she’s also Yuen Sun and Elizabeth Sun's daughter, and the inspiration for Raven and the Forest. Reading books with Raven is one of their favourite activities; creating a book with her as the main character was a natural next step. The duo wrote and illustrated the entire book during the covid-19 lockdown. Coming together creatively on such a meaningful project was a silver lining to the pandemic.

Since Yuen was a small child, foraging for wild foods has been one of his passions. An avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, his personal library consists largely of books on foraging, gardening, wildlife, and permaculture farming. Nature, learning about animals, and foraging for food all flowed into his first book about Raven.

Elizabeth is a digital and mixed media artist. She has had her art featured in both group and solo art shows over the years. Raven has been the subject of most of her recent art and this book is no exception.

They live on a hobby farm in Richmond with their daughter Raven, their cat Sango, and a flock of chickens and ducks. The bear friend, though, remains a work of fiction.


Yuen Sun
Elizabeth Sun

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