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Fantasy, Epic fantasy, Journey, Nature, Good versus Evil, Coming of age, Love story

by Josée Lefebvre

For hundreds of years, Omorfians lived in four distinct communities, Tofysiko, Ignosi, Aisthiseis and Synaisthima, each protecting a mystical and monumental viribus tree. With only a lifespan of five years, Omorfians do not fully understand their purpose, only that they must follow the rules of their culture and protect the viribus trees. It is not until the ruthless Sapiens of the South begin to kidnap their kind that the Omorfians begin to understand the meaning of their existence.

Leios, a warrior and member of the Tofysiko community, has just lost his life partner and must bond with another to complete his family unit. Emely, the new partner chosen for Leios, struggles to find her place within her new house as Leios’s resentment towards her grows.

As the Omorfians begin to further understand themselves and their connection to their world, they decide they must fight to protect their species. Four members, one from each community, band together to stop the Sapiens. When Leios is called to join this group, Emely can’t help but prove her worth and follows him on this perilous path.

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Omorfia; let the characters fill you with life, love, fire, and passion as they fight to protect their species. Omorfia is the first of a trilogy.

With a passion for the arts, Josée Lefebvre has always loved writing, painting, and music. She studied kinesiology at Queen’s University and dental hygiene at Canadore College. She is well-travelled and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She currently resides in Astorville, Ontario. Omorfia is her first novel.


Josée Lefebvre
Matthew Twomey

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