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  • Banshee and Nightshade


    Laverra Thana is a 25 year old woman who was born a Nightstalker in the Kingdom of Forsaken. She bears a family curse brought onto her and the Forsaken Kingdom by her father, King Seri. Since she was a small child, she was raised void of love and ...

  • Heirs in Exile


    Nineteen-year-old Ara has always known what to expect. Being a royal and the second child of the late king, she knows that she was never meant to rule–however, her older brother, Bodhi, was born and bred for it. Abner is a city without a king and ...

  • Mirror, Mirror


    When twin brothers Jett and Adam, and their best friend Mavis, go for a research trip to Costa Rica, they never thought they would uncover relics from a land that lays hidden within the hollows of a supernatural chasm. Forbidden explorations land ...