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  • The Cooper Brothers

    In the Beginning by

    When the mysterious new boy in town shows up at Jasmine’s baseball game, she is immediately intrigued. Dylan is kind and handsome, and he drives a gorgeous car. But there’s something strange about his relationship with his brothers, Kevin and Kyle. ...

  • Omorfia


    For hundreds of years, Omorfians lived in four distinct communities, Tofysiko, Ignosi, Aisthiseis and Synaisthima, each protecting a mystical and monumental viribus tree. With only a lifespan of five years, Omorfians do not fully understand their ...

  • Terra Nova

    Book 1 by

    Evangeline is living the life of a normal teenager—going to school and hanging out with friends—until mysterious, severe symptoms begin appearing. After passing out in the middle of a party, life as she knows it spirals beyond her grasp. She is then ...

  • Banshee and Nightshade


    Laverra Thana is a 25 year old woman who was born a Nightstalker in the Kingdom of Forsaken. She bears a family curse brought onto her and the Forsaken Kingdom by her father, King Seri. Since she was a small child, she was raised void of love and ...

  • Diary of a Teenage Empath

    The Awakening by

    Fifteen-year-old Jenny knows she isn’t normal. She can’t tolerate being in a crowd, being touched, being near certain people, or sometimes just being. Then she meets a group of friends at her new school and learns that, like them, she is actually an ...

  • The Secret of the Fae

    The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 7 by

    The Order of the Northern Star Varden had lived his entire life believing the old legends of the fairies. He had never seen a fairy, but as the leader of the Order of the Northern Star, he had vowed to keep the fairies safe and to someday return the ...

  • Snow Burn

    Book One of the Dorcha Fola Series by

    Jo Collins is, like a lot of teenagers, bored and can’t wait to leave home when she graduates—bored with her predictable suburban parents, immature peers, unchallenging schoolwork, and her seemingly empty life. But on the night she is supposed to ...

  • This is not a Test


    Sixteen year old Beth was ignorantly happy. That changed over spring break of her grade eleven year. Her mother kills herself, her boyfriend of over a year becomes abusive and she finds herself falling in love with a boy she just met. Being a ...