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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Children’s illustrated storybook, Granddaughter–grandmother relationship, Learning from grandparents, Grandmother’s life, Dolls, Broken doll, Doll mending

My Grandma's Doll
by Tammy Hendrickx

"My Grandma’s Doll” is a story about a loving relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

It’s about sharing and listening to each other.

One day Grandma tells Tammy a story about getting her first doll and how it disappeared. What happens next is for you to discover.

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Tammy Hendrickx grew up in a small prairie community called Morden in Manitoba. When Tammy was little, she often walked to her grandmother’s after school. Her grandmother was always busy making something and encouraged Tammy to create and draw. Her grandmother took Tammy to her first painting class. Later, after high school Tammy studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba. The illustrations for this book were drawn in Passau, Germany in 2010. Tammy was inspired to draw and write this book as a gift to her grandmother. This is her second book.


Tammy Hendrickx

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