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  • 36 pages
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  • 36 pages
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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Bullying prevention, Kids friendship, Anti-bullying books, Self-acceptance, Empathy training, Empowering books, Celebrate diversity

Unlikely Friends
Encouraging Friendship, Diversity & Anti-Bullying
by C.J. Althammer

Sofia the Scarecrow and Crew the Crow might seem like an unusual pair, but their differences create a strong bond that blossoms into an unwavering friendship.

When Sofia notices the lonely little crow being bullied and excluded by his peers—all because he has two tail feathers instead of three, like the other crows have—she courageously calls out to him. They soon relish in one another’s company, laughing and playing together. One day, their number of friends multiply when Sofia has the opportunity to confront Crew’s bullies by helping them understand that...

“Big and tall, or short and small, two legs or four, and for some, even more: we’re all different and unique in our own way, but that shouldn’t mean we can’t be friends and play.”

Unlikely Friends promotes empathy and acceptance, teaches children how hurtful bullying is to others, and empowers them to befriend and defend victims of bullying.

C.J. Althammer photo

C.J. Althammer understands firsthand what it’s like to be bullied as a child. She hopes that this book will help teach children from a young age to accept others the way they are and that bullying is unacceptable, encouraging them to stand up for others being bullied.

C.J. Althammer is also the author of the children’s book, "Oh... What Will I Be?".

Now a full-time writer, Ms. Althammer and her husband call the Saskatchewan prairies home.

You can visit her online at or on Instagram (@CJ_Althammer).


C.J. Althammer

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