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Foreigner in China, Teaching English, Shanghai stories, Chinese government, Politics in China, Taiwan and Tibet, Chinese history

The Trouble With China
China since 1999, analysis based on four years in the Peoples' Republic
by Peter Mitchelmore

If you’re interested in world economics, politics, history, or culture, you’ll run into China before long. Today’s People’s Republic of China is built on millennia of history and continues to influence present-day events—but what is the real China?

The Trouble with China explores this highly complex nation and explains why and how it all fits together. Drawing on years spent in the People’s Republic coupled with deep analysis, Peter Mitchelmore offers a “street-level” view of China and its people as they really are. He delves into how China’s deeply rooted culture continues to shape modern history, covering key events like the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square massacre, and ongoing issues with Hong Kong, while also sharing more personal insight into how real people in China live, love, and cope.

For anyone with an interest in China—academics, business people, citizens, and diaspora—The Trouble with China is for you. This book goes beyond the media headlines to show the everyday realities of Chinese people and the country’s surprising diversity, exploring China’s charms as well as its multi-faceted problems.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'The Trouble with China'. It's a refreshing and entertaining look at this vast country, packed with lively anecdotes, encounters with real people and descriptions of the author's time spent living and working in China initially as a teacher. He ranges over a lot of subjects from dating to the economy, that gives you a clearer picture of life in China than the statistics which most books rely on. It all rings very true. They do things differently in China. I am sure a lot of readers will enjoy it, both those who have been to China or those who are thinking of working there. And at a time when China's actions have impacted all our lives so much, it gives the reader a lot to think about."

—Jasper Becker, author of The Chinese

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Peter Mitchelmore was born in England. He first went to China in 1999 after graduating university, and has lived in both Wuxi and Shanghai. He drew upon his research skills honed in Rennes, France and Berlin, Germany during the four years he spent in China, along with learning Mandarin. He now lives in Calgary, Alberta, with his spouse.


Peter Mitchelmore

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