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The Christmas Cake Tin
by Hazel Larcombe

Fiction for young readers age 5 upwards. Set in Canada. Being an only child can be lonely at times. But having three animals and a pen friend who lives in a different country, is an excellent support to Meg. Meg's many hobbies and her three animals, a dog, a cat, and a lop-eared rabbit keep her very occupied. She and her parents are preparing to visit her grandparents for the Christmas holidays. Christmas is an extraordinary and exciting time for sharing generously with family and friends, especially for grandparents who don't get to see their grandchildren very often! The Christmas Cake Tin holds beautiful memories for Meg. It is kept safe in her grandmother's kitchen cupboard, and it's her most favourite treasure in all the world. Meg knows it will be hers one day! What are the secrets the tin holds, and what is Meg's fascination with it? Follow Meg and her parents' Christmas visit to her beloved grandparents to reveal all!

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Hazel Larcombe's favourite pastime is spent writing stories for children. She was inspired to write this delightful Christmas story by a very old Christmas cake tin which she owns. The tin depicts the joy of Christmas through the lovely Christmas decorations on it. Each character on the tin has a special Christmas meaning, which she knows children can relate to. Hazel is blessed with many grand and great grandchildren and feels confident that The Christmas Cake Tin story will bring the joy of Christmas to them and to all young readers who may read it. She has written a few books, mainly for the young reader, and hopes to share many stories.


Hazel Larcombe

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