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First Nations reserves, Remote education, Canadian Indigenous Communities, Canoeing and fishing, First Nation stories, First Nations living, Canadian Wilderness

Somebody Shot Your Boat
Memories of eleven years living with and working for First Nations and Metis people
by Doreen Guilloux

Somebody Shot Your Boat is a rare first-hand account of living and working in Indigenous Canadian communities as part of a minority Caucasian population. Doreen Guilloux, and her husband, Jim, first began their journey with First Nations and Metis people in 1987. For the next eleven years, they moved to several First Nations communities, living with the people and serving the communities not only as educators, but in other capacities as required. Jim was hired as the school principal in all these communities. Doreen, however, had many different jobs: teacher, librarian, store clerk, and more depending on the circumstances.

A memoir, Somebody Shot Your Boat details the incredible joys, frustrations, surprises, and sorrows the couple experienced along the way. At times humorous and at others thought-provoking, this book provides a glimpse into the life-changing experiences the couple shared as they immersed themselves in other cultures, learning what it truly means to be a minority. The setting for these communities was in the wonderful Canadian wilderness.

"While you may consider yourself an author I consider you an artist because you 'paint with words'.

I felt like I was right with you for the ceremonies. I felt I was with you for the shoreline dinners. I felt I was experiencing living on the reserves and being part of a student's life and benefiting from your non FN experiences. Yet, being like a sponge and absorbing the cultural differences.

You and Jim were both a beautiful example of what a true friend is to these people." —Dean

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Doreen Guilloux, author of Paddling, Portaging and Pageantry: The World’s Longest Canoe Race, Rocky Mountain House to Montreal, Stories from the Hearts of the 1967 Centennial Voyageurs, is back with her second book. This time, she presents a collection of stories spanning their time in multiple First Nations communities. Doreen provides readers with unique insights into these communities, their people, and their cultures.

Doreen and her husband, Jim, now live on an acreage near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, where they maintain a hobby farm with ducks, chickens, peacocks, cats, Punch the miniature horse, and Whiskers, their big white donkey.


Doreen Guilloux

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