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  • Reflections of the North


    The Canadian north is still a mystery to most Canadians. What is it like to live in a constant winter temperature of 40 below zero, with barely 2 to 3 hours of daylight? What is it like to live in a community that lives off the land, where a caribou ...

  • Somebody Shot Your Boat

    Memories of eleven years living with and working for First Nations and Metis people by

    Somebody Shot Your Boat is a rare first-hand account of living and working in Indigenous Canadian communities as part of a minority Caucasian population. Doreen Guilloux, and her husband, Jim, first began their journey with First Nations and Metis ...

  • Swim Home

    Searching for the Wild Girl of Champagne by

    In September 1731, a feral child emerged from the woods in the Champagne region of France. Clothed in animal skins, with matted, unkempt hair, and wielding a small club, she ran like a hare, climbed trees like a cat, and ate leaves and raw meat. But ...

  • Free Man Walking


    The horror of loneliness. Over 10 years in prison. Hooked on heroin, cocaine and drugs for 23 years. A chronic alcoholic for 27. Homeless. Eating out of garbage bins. Born into a violent alcoholic home. Molested by a pedophile in a residential ...

  • Finding Lost


    Finding Lost is a powerful story of one Indigenous woman’s lifelong struggle to find who she is. She shares a story of childhood trauma; a story that is still only too common for many Indigenous women today. Walk into Nancy’s life, and share in her ...

  • A New Beginning For Andy Charles


    When I was having breakfast at an A&W restaurant, I noticed a First Nation's man sitting two tables away. His very pale skin color aroused my interest, with my background in Photography, and being naturally curious,I went to talk to him and realized ...

  • Approaching Dawn


    Approaching Dawn is the story of a prophecy fulfilled and of teachings passed through generations of Anishinabe. It is the story of one woman’s journey through the trauma of residential school, the reality of racism, the degradation of addictions ...

  • Ten Decades in the Life of My Dad

    And the Lessons I learned by

    The 20th century heralded the greatest technological changes of any century. My Dad lived through virtually all of it - from 1898 to 1997. He served in two world wars and raised two families. Even though my Dad was a quiet man, he shared with me ...

  • White Mask

    A Re-Celebration of My First Nation Heritage, A Memoir by

    Why are so many Natives, First Nations, Indians, Metis, Inuits, Aboriginals, Indigenous People, and Amerindians ashamed of whom they are? Where does this shame come from? Why does it exist today? These questions are the underlying fabric of the ...