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Puppy adventure, Family book, Puppy playing, Magical train, London for kids, Travel story, Bedtime story

A Trip to London
Satchel's Night Nest Adventures
by Mark Bulmer

At night, when his family is asleep, Satchel creeps from his special night nest and sneaks out of the house. Then he jumps aboard a magical train that takes him all over the world to explore new places.

Tonight, he travels to London, England, where he has a grand adventure. Will he make it home before Mama’s alarm clock goes beep beep beep to wake everyone up?

Mark Bulmer loves writing and has a dog named Satchel. One night, his wife El had a dream about Satchel sneaking out of the house and getting on a train. She insisted he write a story about it, which became the first in the series Satchel’s Night Nest Adventures.

Mark lives in Fenwick, Ontario, with his wife and their dogs Satchel, Lillie, and Dizzy.


Mark Bulmer
Olivia Hashka

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