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Reincarnation, Past lives, Spirituality, Historical figures, Alternate universe, Biblical, Feminism

A Million Lives
by Laura Kostwinder

What if we remembered who we really are? As humans, we always judge what we perceive as being different or wrong. But what would happen if we went through time, living lives as different people and remembering everything we ever experienced? Would the memories destroy us, or would the wisdom make us stronger? The greatest question for mankind now is: what would happen if we knew who we really were behind the masks we wear?

The journey of this ancient soul follows the path of darkness and greatness. Beginning as Eve in the Garden of Eden, she must face many challenges that lead her to her fate. Her experiences of reincarnation are often traumatic, but the lessons she learns make her stronger and wiser. The struggle of choosing light or darkness is ever-present, and she must decide the type of person she wishes to be. From the beginning to the end, the secrets of humanity are revealed and the magic of hope is unfolded.

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Laura Kostwinder started writing at a young age and is inspired by her mother and other strong women. She was born in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands before immigrating to Brazil and later Canada. As an International Baccalaureate student, it was a school project that inspired her to write her first book. It is her dream to become a best-selling author and share her vision with others. Through writing, she finds a way to communicate her ideas and by travelling the world, she has come to appreciate diverse cultures and unique people. When she graduates from high school, she plans on studying to become a doctor, while pursuing a career in writing. She aspires to help other girls her age and all people alike to realize the unique power we have within to choose light or darkness, and to pursue our deepest passions.


Laura Kostwinder

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