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Røen and the Soap Dish Spaceship cover

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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Bath time, Child astronaut, Space adventures, Magic and dreams, Magical transformation, The solar system, Exploring the universe

Røen and the Soap Dish Spaceship
by Ginger Conway

Blast off with Røen Oscar Fish as he pilots his trusty soap dish spaceship on a whirlwind intergalactic adventure. Visit the moon and notable local planets before heading out to see some of the sights in our great big universe. Rocket all the way to the galactic center with this famous fish astronaut and make it back before the bath water gets cold. A zany imaginative journey of epic proportions between bathing and bedtime.

Ginger Conway photo

Ginger Conway has been making art and telling tall tales since childhood. As the oldest of five siblings she had a captive audience upon which to hone her craft. A native of Atlanta, Georgia she continued her creative endeavors while raising her daughter and working for a woman owned gourmet food company and later her own catering shop.

Now a full time artist and writer she says "for years people have told me I should illustrate children's books", but it took the birth of her grandson to bring it all together. Since I've become Røen's Zsa Zsa I've written and illustrated three books and have several more in the planning stages. Hanging out with Røen is my favorite thing to do! We make lots of noise and just laugh and laugh! And of course before bedtime we read books and tell stories.

This is her first published children's book.


Ginger Conway

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