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  • Ice

    A teen spacer battles isolation and pirates by

    Ice. When melted into water, all life depends on it. Everyone needs this highly valued compound, and some are willing to do anything to get it. Sixteen-year-old Mark Olson is an engineering apprentice on his family’s Rover ship, Start Over. ...

  • Les aventures de Coralie la coccinelle

    Le voyage dans l'espace by

    Trois… Deux… Un… Décollage ! On part en espace ! Coralie est une petite coccinelle avec une grande imagination. Surtout, elle adore partir à l’aventure ! Pour son premier grand voyage, Coralie nous invite à visiter le système solaire. Elle nous ...

  • Røen and the Soap Dish Spaceship


    Blast off with Røen Oscar Fish as he pilots his trusty soap dish spaceship on a whirlwind intergalactic adventure. Visit the moon and notable local planets before heading out to see some of the sights in our great big universe. Rocket all the way to ...

  • Amethyst and Pyres

    The Story of How it Began by

    How did the universe begin? Where did the planets come from? At the beginning of time, a crystal named Amethyst blinks awake and discovers herself alone in a strange void. All around her is a sea of possibility. As she dreams, she sees a universe ...

  • Pastor Mike's Accidental Outreach Into Time And Space

    Book One by

    In a future where humans have extended their reach across the Milky Way, Pastor Mike and a group of ministers are sent on an epic quest. Across time and space they must warn every person in the galaxy that no one will escape Christ’s Second Coming. ...