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Target Audience:
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Troll, Bicycle, Childhood dreams, Escape story, Kind strangers, Magical creatures, Allowance

The Adventures of David
Thunderbolt Bike
by G.D. Howe

It’s the most exciting moment of David’s life: tomorrow, he’ll finally get his Thunderbolt Bike! He’s saved up his allowance, and he’s ready for adventure. David takes the Thunderbolt into the spooky Willow Forest, where he runs into a snake that knocks him clean off his bike. That should be as scary as it gets, but then…he meets a troll—and it’s hungry! Looks like David’s adventure is just beginning.

Steeped in the magic of childhood imagination, David takes readers on a wild ride through a forest of adventure. He makes friends, fights monsters, and of course, keeps his trusty Thunderbolt Bike by his side. He wants to know what you would do if you came face-to-face with adventures like these.

G.D. Howe wrote the first iteration of David’s adventure when he was only ten years old, so he knows it’s the kind of story sure to make kids demand a second reading—and a third, and a fourth! As a kid growing up with dyslexia, he struggled with reading and writing. He always had a very active imagination for adventure and fantasy. He is thrilled to bring this story to life with a new generation of readers. He hopes this will inspire young readers to follow their dreams no matter their struggles.

He lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife and son.


G.D. Howe

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