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Target Audience:
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Picture book, Children, Kids story, Rhyming, Ladybug, Self-esteem, Adventure

Searches for Meaning
by Jenny Brahney

Spotty is a little ladybug boy who has no idea what makes him special. With the help of his uncle, Spotty travels across forests and meadows, searching high and low for clues about what he might be good at. But when he tries to be like the creatures he meets, they keep telling him to be himself. Spotty finally figures out his purpose when a little human girl finds him and delights in her good luck.

Jenny Brahney photo

A carefree spirit, Jenny came from Vienna, Austria, to explore the "New World". Over the years since her arrival in Montreal, Canada, Jenny painted murals for private homes and public buildings. She opened her own design studio and designed fabrics for the home furnishing industry. Her favourite area of specialization was designing material for children's rooms: bedspreads, drapes, comforters and sheets.

Apart from running her own fabric design business, Jenny created designs that had to be approved by DC Comics, Wayne Gretzky, and many more.

She created numerous works of art for various churches. Some special mementos include: "The Sistine Chapel may have Michelangelo, but we, at Roxboro United Church have Jenny Brahney ..."

Widowed since 1979 she raised three beautiful children and is the proud grandmother of three. She lives now in Vancouver, Canada, waves hello and offers you her first book, Spotty.


Jenny Brahney

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