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Talking animals, Friendship, Giving encouragement, Rabbit story, Falcon story, Unlikely friends, Supporting others

On Falcon's Wings
by Deborah J Dybowski

Meet Falcon - young, impulsive, perched hungrily on a chimney top. Where will his breakfast come from? Meet Rabbit - old, lonely, and sad, having broken his teeth on a juicy turnip. What is he to do without his sharp front teeth? And what will happen when this unlikely pair meet, and set out on a journey together?

On Falcon’s Wings is a gentle story for children ages 4-7, dealing with themes of friendship, kindness, support, and encouragement. It shows how help and adventure can sometimes come from the most unexpected of places.

Deborah Dybowski has spent a large part of her life with young children and open books. A kindergarten and first grade teacher for almost thirty years, she has enjoyed sharing her passion for reading, writing, and discussing stories, helping children grow and learn about themselves and the world through the love of books.

Now retired, she has more time to devote to her own writing, and has published works of poetry and fiction. On Falcon’s Wings is illustrated by her grandson, Andrew.

Deborah lives with her husband in Southern California.


Deborah J Dybowski
Andrew Sheble

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