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koalas, Australia, bushfires, animal rescue, Victoria, climate change, environment

Khloe Koala & The Bush Fire
by Aliyyah H. Ali

It is Khloe Koala’s first birthday and she is very excited to start her special day. As a one-year-old koala, now she can go on adventures on her own! That’s right. All by herself without her Mama! What adventures she will have!  Khloe can hear the noises of the bush around her and it sounds like her animal friends are all celebrating her special day too.

Oh my! Khloe wakes up from a birthday nap to a big grey cloud and heat all around her. She doesn’t know what’s happening and she can’t find her mama.  Using her big one-year-old voice, Khloe cries for help. Who can help her get to safety now?

Join Khloe on her journey through the Australian bush, as she encounters one of the biggest dangers facing koalas today - wild bushfires.

Like many people, Aliyyah and her family share a love and curiosity for the charm of koalas.  Their cute little faces, gentle movements and warm, furry bodies always brought joy and smiles. In 2019, they were extremely saddened and worried about these amazing animals as they watched the huge bushfires in Australia on their TV. Aliyyah noticed the confusion of her young boys as they tried to process what they saw with the changes to the land, forest and wildlife there. She thought that by writing this book, she could help all kids understand what was happening to Australia and its lovely koala creatures. This book was also written to show some of the good things people were doing to help rescue and rehabilitate the animals affected.

Aliyyah has always been a creative being, forever dabbling in projects from art to custom cakes to writing essays. Khloe Koala and the Bushfire is an extension of her passion for literature tied into the wonderous world of children’s books. Her diverse background stems from the islands, growing up in Trinidad and Tobago and now residing in Brampton, Ontario with her two boys and husband.


Aliyyah H. Ali
Yara Ali

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