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The meaning of life, Finding purpose, Seeking happiness, Existentialism, Absurdism, Albert Camus theory, Jean-Paul Sartre theory

Nothing Important
Allegorical Poems in the Pursuit of Meaning (a collection of poems from 2017 to 2019)
by Alex K. Bishop

A culture of cynicism began to grow when art and comedy were used as tools for wealth and distraction rather than as sources of happiness. Happiness died because nothing is meaningful anymore.

Nothing Important aims to find meaning in a person’s life. It can be expressed in many ways, including through art, love, religion, nature, and society. Philosophically, we often find our purpose and happiness in meaning. But if we lose that meaning, how can we recapture that purpose and happiness?

Rendered in sixty clear and concise poems of varying length, this collection dips into Greek mythology and the classics, yet remains wholly modern. Alex K. Bishop wrote these poems in a three-year period, from 2017 to 2019. The existentialist theories of French philosophers Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre are the driving forces behind this collection, though anyone with an interest in existential philosophy, subjective experiences, mental health concerns, and love stories may find themselves reflected in these intelligent and sensitively written poems.

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While at university, Alex K. Bishop began researching existential philosophy. Yet most of the allegories found in his poetry relate to his personal experiences and (or) events that have occurred in his life.

Alex was encouraged to write poetry by his teachers and professors, and, at first only as a hobby, he wrote a substantial amount of material. Realizing the common themes that are explored in this collection, he decided to compile his first book. He is currently working on his second poetry collection, under the working title of Control Switch.

Alex Bishop was born and raised in the Halifax–Dartmouth area, Nova Scotia, and he continues to live and thrive in the city with his partner, family, and friends.


Alex K. Bishop

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