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Foods for Life
A Guide to Nutritional Wellness of Mushrooms, Seaweeds and Vegetables
by Moe Kamal

“Foods for Life” is an indispensable companion to improve a lifestyle, maintain good health and restore wellness.

The author exposes his new approach to assess nutritional quality of foods. A resource book that shows what crop to choose, to avoid and which one is best to eat.

“Foods for Life” is an encyclopedia, a produce market manual and natural health store.

The book offers an impressive compendium of information of more than 160 vegetables with two pages given to each, including a detailed table of their properties. The book reference format makes it invaluable. It has no pretensions toward vegetable evangelism; instead,it targets audiences who are vegetable lovers seeking professional guidance, with consumers, grocers, nutritionists, and physicians named between them.

Basic cooking and selection instructions are included, as are tips for avoiding expired or unhealthy vegetables. The text avoids fad diets amplifying its usefulness to new comers. All information throughout the book is clear and contextualized.

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Moe Kamal, D.T.H has a degree in culinary science. He works as a fine dining chef across Canada and overseas. He is a nutrition and food researcher. He has spent two decades transiting from cooking to scientific research. He is creating a new method to evaluate all foods in a multi volume series to be published in English and French. The author speaks three languages, as an entrepreneur and exotic foods enthusiast. He lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Moe Kamal

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