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Dirty Truths
How to Survive as a Freelancer in the Writing Game - and other Equally Dodgy Professions
by Robin Brunet

For those of you starting a career or considering a different one: freelancing is the current rage and may be your best option. But only maybe. Dirty Truths examines what it takes to jam your foot in the door of self-employed opportunity, force it wider, and then slam it shut on competitors.

Dirty Truths is an invaluable guide to navigating the demanding and frequently unforgiving freelance landscape, especially that of writing and other dodgy professions. No academic discourse or high-minded essays here: Dirty Truths is a dirty examination of a dirty way of life, filled with hilarious anecdotes and savage observations about the writing trade and its practitioners. Those who embrace this highly-unorthodox how-to book will be well equipped to withstand the career challenges ahead.

Of course, readers may conversely be persuaded by Dirty Truths to pursue more conventional ways of making a living. And that's fine. You have to be a bit warped to go it alone in this increasingly uniform work world anyway.

"Robin Brunet is a true freelancer. And a hustler. A whore. A troubleshooter. A gambler. A con man. A bon vivant. A raconteur. And a hell of a writer."

—Bruce Allen

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Veteran journalist and author Robin Brunet has been chronicling Canada and Canadians since 1984. He is the author of Red Robinson: The Last Deejay (Harbour Publishing, 2016); Let's Get Frank (Douglas & McIntyre, 2018); and Red Robinson: The Last Broadcast (Friesen Press, 2019). Brunet has been published in over one hundred magazines, newspapers, and websites in Canada and the U.S. He lives on a farm in Langley, B.C. with his wife, Wendy, and his horse, Razado.

His writing has delighted and enraged readers in equal measure over the decades, and with Dirty Truths he gleefully anticipates complete ostracization from the academic community.


Robin Brunet

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