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  • Wires Crossed

    Memoir of a Citizen and Reporter in the Irving Press by

    This book is a love letter to the free press. It is Julian H. Walker’s personal memoir as a citizen and reporter which calls for a healthier New Brunswick free press—one that is more diverse, competitive, independent, and feisty. Through its...

  • Dirty Truths

    How to Survive as a Freelancer in the Writing Game - and other Equally Dodgy Professions by

    For those of you starting a career or considering a different one: freelancing is the current rage and may be your best option. But only maybe. Dirty Truths examines what it takes to jam your foot in the door of self-employed opportunity, force...

  • Headliner

    Helping You Come out on Top in Today’s Media Landscape by

    Ask 100 different people about their opinion of the news these days and you might hear 100 different answers. The only certainty: everyone has an opinion. At a time where the news industry is changing rapidly, and the pace of communication is...