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Target Audience:
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Children’s picture book, Mouse characters, Curiosity, Growing Up, Imaginative play, Childhood mischief, getting into trouble

Ralphie the Rascally Mouse
And The Hot Summer Day
by Leigh Wilson

Ralphie is a rascally little mouse. Do you know what that means? It means that he always finds himself in a bit of trouble—not because he is a bad mouse or a mean mouse, but because he is a curious mouse! Are you curious?

“Ralphie the Rascally Mouse” teaches children to embrace their curiosity and explore the world through curious eyes, while remembering where they can go to learn more, seek help, and maybe keep out of trouble, too!

Leigh Wilson is a mother, grandmother, writer, teacher and perpetual student. She lives near Toronto, Ontario with her husband. Her passion for education inspired her to complete university degrees in English, Education and History. Leigh loved her role as a stay-at-home mom when her children were young. Her later professional life was spent in community and public relations.

As one of seven children, Leigh fondly recalls Saturday morning family outings to the local library when she was just learning to read. The day those black squiggly lines on a page transformed into words, and then into stories, was the day a life-long love of reading and storytelling began. For Leigh, books give wings to imagination and curiosity finds a home there. The importance of curiosity as a foundation for life-long learning is the subject of this book.

Leigh aspires to encourage children to embrace their natural curiosity and to look to parents and guardians to help them harness that curiosity in productive ways - even if it gives the adults a few grey hairs in the process! This book is Leigh’s gift to her children and grandchildren as a celebration of the inspiration that their questions have given her to always keep learning.


Leigh Wilson

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