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Friendship, Growing up, Family abuse, Found family, Strong male friendships, Superpowers, Middle grade fantasy

If You Could Have a Superpower
by Deborah Duncan

If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose? Super strength? Super speed? The ability to talk to animals? When nine-year-old Mitch Clarke is asked this by his Aunt Evie, he knows right away—invisible flying! But what he doesn’t know is that he has actually just chosen a superpower that he will have for the next two years, and this has happened in his family for generations.

With his newfound abilities, Mitch goes flying around his school and neighbourhood in Hamilton, Ontario. Soon discovering he can also shrink, he has fun using his power to explore the inside of Lego creations. However, Mitch quickly discovers that having powers means you find out about other people’s secrets and problems—like the new kid in his class who is living in a shelter. With support from his Aunt Evie, Mitch vows to use his superpower for good, and in the process learns that helping others might be the most powerful ability of all.

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Deborah Duncan has spent her entire adult life helping others find joy in books and reading: first as a teacher and then as a children's librarian and dyslexia tutor. This love of books is reflected in If You Could Have a Superpower, where her characters discover and enjoy such classic children’s book as Treasure Island and Charlotte’s Web.

Deborah usually lives in Langley, B.C., but is currently based in her second home of Hamilton, Ontario, where her novel is set. Wherever she is, Deborah always has her two dogs with her and stays in close contact with her four adult children. If You Could Have a Superpower is Deborah’s first children’s novel, but she has also co-written two collections of puppet plays for children.


Deborah Duncan
Rebecca Bender

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