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Christian conversion, Love and marriage, Drugs, street life, Immigration, Family memoir, Boston, Child abuse

When Three Roads Collide
A Memoir of God's Grace
by Kenneth Pritchard Jr and Sheika Pritchard

No matter how difficult the situations you have faced or are facing, you can still overcome them.

The things we go through are only shaping us to be able to receive the greater things that God has in store for us later in life. These situations are just pushing us into the purpose and destiny that God has for us.

Life can sometimes be a struggle, and we may feel hopeless. Often, we go through things that we have no control over; things that were never our fault, and that we shouldn't have to go through. It's not fair. It's not pleasant. But this is the life that we live.

This book tells the true story of two lives that spiraled through some of the most difficult things you can imagine during their childhood and teenage years. There was a lot of pain, a lot of hurt, a lot of disappointment, and most of all, a lot of hopelessness. Still—somehow—there was a glimmer of light.

This is the story of the lives of Rev. Kenneth Pritchard Jr. and Rev. Sheika Pritchard and how, what seemed like the end of the world, turned out to be the handiwork of God's grace. Our story shows how God was able to work in our lives, and includes some advice about the kinds of support we needed when we first found our faith. Our story and the tools we describe could also help you, and those you know.

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Reverends Sheika and Kenneth Pritchard Jr. are youth pastors and also educators that live in Massachusetts, where they are raising their three children, and working with youth both in the church and public school sectors.


Kenneth Pritchard Jr
Sheika Pritchard

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