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Nursing, PTSD, Health Care Workers, Mental Health, Emergency Room, Anxiety, Memoir

The View From The Wrong Side Of The Day
A Story About Nursing, PTSD And Other Shenanigans
by T. C. Randall

The View from the Wrong Side of the Day is the story of T. C. Randall’s journey through nursing school and his career as an emergency room nurse before his diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and general anxiety disorder. This candid and relatable memoir reveals the joys and struggles of working in the ER. With funny anecdotes and all-too-serious warnings, Randall describes the job he loves and how it led to his mental health struggles.

His experience working as a health care professional provides him with unique insight into the inherent problems in the health care system. He offers well-founded and authentic solutions to the mental health crisis facing nurses and those working in other high-risk professions.

Randall will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of a beloved career and through the struggle to cope with PTSD and anxiety, all while never losing his facetious sense of humor.

T. C. Randall was an emergency room RN for 14 years, until being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. During his career, he was considered by many to be the finest emergency nurse ever, as well as the best looking. His vast nursing knowledge led to the discovery of insulin, most modern-day antibiotics and many other miracle cures. He single handedly cured heart-disease (patent pending).

Before becoming a nurse, he served as emperor during the Ming dynasty, slew the great dragon Rhamatem, wrote the Kama Sutra (well, parts of it anyway) and invented powered flight.

As T.C. Randall is a pseudonym, parts of this biography may not be 100% accurate.


T. C. Randall

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