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Free verse, Modern poetry, Love, Family, Nursing, Sex, Relationships

Shitty Jody
by Krista Black

Heartbreak, new love, motherhood, and sex are anticipated events in most females’ lives. Krista’s journey in “Shitty Jody” not only resonates in our personal lives but gives a new colour imagery to feelings and ideas we have been unable to articulate; as well as providing a look at unexplored events, delivering raw, emotional testimony of soul ripping, vivid lascivious history. It will grip you by the heart and awaken your deepest thoughts and emotions.

A poetry selection diverse in rhyme, sonnets, and free verse explores Krista’s despair, evolution and growth. Pushing boundaries of the common thread into a darker side of erotic poetry. The final section of this book will have you wanting more.

"Some debut books of poetry crash and burn on jagged rocks of “good effort” before they even take flight. While others don’t even require take-off… they just rise and soar, dragging you behind with the wind in your hair, and leave you wanting more.

This brilliant book by Saskatchewan writer Krista Black is definitely one of the latter. Shitty Jody is a celebration of raw verse and free thought which

will leave even the most casual reader spellbound. It is a collection of such honesty about what it is to be human in the 21st century with each poem told from deep within the soul of the writer.

Shitty Jody will leave you gasping, laughing and gobsmacked all at the same time. Highly recommended."

—Nic Outterside

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Krista has been writing poetry for 30 years, from teenage angst to motherhood fears. Her pen has provided an outlet for anger, a calm with restoration, an ease into self-improvement as well as a dive into lust and love. Regardless of the poem’s direction or intent it is written with authenticity. Krista’s life is full of blessings, supported with love from her family and friends. She currently resides in Saskatoon, SK and is passionately devoted to nursing, writing, and focusing on her health through yoga practice.

Krista’s poem “Triggered” has been published in the collection Beautiful Ways to Say by Katie Elizabeth; all proceeds donated to a non-profit women’s charity. The forthcoming collection Western Skies is a collaboration of UK and North American poets’ diverse work compiled into an extraordinary anthology, featuring 10 new pieces of Krista’s work.


Krista Black

What People are Saying

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